Fortune Teller
Find out who you will marry, where you will work, how many kids you will have and more!
Remember the days of making paper fortune tellers? Now you can see into your future without having to fold origami! By answering a few questions, we will help you find out who you will marry, where you will live and even how many kids you will have.

Let's get started!


Who are three people you would consider marrying?
Think carefully! You'll have to share a bathroom with this person for the rest of your life:


How many kids will you have?
Now that we have a few potential spouses, let's talk about children.
This can be tough to decide but how many do you think you might want?


What will you do for a living?
Gotta find a way to make some $$$. You should do what you love.
Let's find out about your hobbies and interests.

Location, Location, Location

Okay, we've got spouse, kids, and career information. Now, where would you be interested in living?

Almost done....

Great. We almost have all the data we need to see the future. Last question!